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Senin, April 06, 2009

A Letter to My Son

This eBook is translated from the famous booklet of Ustadh Armen Halim Naro, may Allah have mercy on him, Kutitip Surat ini Untukmu. The author dead at the end of 2007 while more people were growing fond of his lectures.

The source of this translation is taken from Pustaka el-Posowi’s eBook. The booklet is rendered to English and distributed online for the purpose of spreading its contend so that more people will take benefit from it. It contains a letter of a mother who has been neglected by his son. A letter which was written with tears, to remind children to be dutiful towards their parents for Allah has commanded us to be obedience to our parents after our obedience to Him, and mother in particular, as the Noble Prophet shallallahu alaihi wasallam said that the mother deserves three times devotion from her children than the father.

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